5052 Aluminum Sheet


  • Alloy: 5052
  • Temper: O/H22/H32/H34/H36/H38
  • Thickness: 0.5mm to 120mm
  • Size: 1220 x 2440mm; 1250 x 2500mm; 1500 x 3000mm; 1524 x 3048mm; 2000 x 4000mm;
  • Max width: 2600mm; Max length: 12.5 Meter;
  • Surface: mill finish surface, bright, polished surface, with blue PVC films or paper-interleaved;
  • Mainly market:  Europe, India, Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, USA and so on.
  • It is widely used for ship engine bases, ship decks, ship sides, bottom outer plates, etc., covering the hulls of yachts and cruise ships, etc.

5052 H32 Aluminum Sheet Suppliers in China

Established over 30 years ago, Jinan Huachuang Aluminum has been manufacturing high-quality 5052 H32 aluminum sheet and 5052 O that are perfect for producing different kinds of products. As a top 5052 H32 aluminum sheet manufacturer in China, we also offer other alloys aluminum sheet. These aluminum sheets are made from high-quality aluminum ingots, ensuring our clients that all of our 5052 H32 aluminum sheet don’t crack after 90 degree bending.


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5052-H32 Aluminum Sheet Introduction

Aluminum sheet 5052 is always called Marine grade aluminum sheet. Because it has a very good quality of corrosion resistance, and very good performance of welding, so many customers use this alloy for ship building, like 5052 H32 is always used for small boat building.

Aluminum Sheet 5052 Quality Data Sheet/Characteristics:


Aluminum Sheet 5052 H32 H34 Mechanical Properties Standard

TemperAnti –tensile strength N/m㎡Elongation rate(%)surfaceHardness
5052 H32230Mpa12Mill finishAbove 60HB
5052 H34260Mpa10Mill finishAbove 68HB

How to Pack and ship the Aluminum Sheet 5052? 

  1. Packing: Strong wooden pallet, with blue PVC films or paper-interleaved,
  2. Max Gross weight skid 2500KGS;
  3. For 1 x 20FCL can load 20 to 25 Tons max;
  4. Surface: mill finish with blue PE films to protect the surface.

5052 Aluminum Sheet price per sheet / per kgs

The aluminum sheet price changes each day and it depends on the market. Here is our aluminum sheet price per KGS for you:

ALLOYThicknessFOB Price USD/KGSProduce time1 x20FCL
5052 H321mm to 6mm2.36USD/KGS20 Days25 Tons
5052 H34
5052 O
5052 H1126mm to 300mm2.44USD/KGS

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5052 H112 Aluminum Block
/ Small Pieces 

Our company has the sawing-machine and we can cut the aluminum to be small pieces according to customer’s requirement.  For thinner aluminum sheets, we can cut them to be small pieces, like A4 size, 200mm x 300mm.

Aluminum sheet 5052-o Main application:

For shipbuilding, auto inner plate, tank car, oil tank, storage tank, marine facilities……

We have not only established a long-term cooperative relationship with more than 600 large and medium-sized enterprises in China such as FAW, Sinotruk, Sinopec, Inspur Group, but also owned 3,000 partners in the world and exported products to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia.

1. What’s the difference between 5052 and 6061 aluminum?

The alloy 5052 and 6061 are much different.

Chemistry composition different: alloy 5052 represents 5 series Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy. The magnesium content is between 2.2-2.8%. Also known as Alu-Mg alloy. Alloy 6061 is aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon, it contains more silicon than alloy 5052.

Mechanical Properties: alloy 6061 is medium strength and widely used after the heat-treatment. The hardness can be above 95HB, but for alloy 5052, the hardness is only about 60HB.

Surface: For 6061 aluminum, especially after the T6 (heat treatment), the surface always looks black surface. However, the alloy 5052 aluminum surface is much more bright.  

For more information, you can check out this article, 5052 aluminum vs 6061.

2. Can you bend 5052 Aluminum?

Yes, 5052 aluminum quality is OK for bending.

Especially 5052 h32 aluminum sheet is half hard and temper H32 can allow making 90 degrees bending without cracking.

3. How strong is 5052 Aluminum?

Hardness: Aluminum 5052 sheet belongs to a medium strength aluminum sheet. The hardness of aluminum sheet 5052 H32 is over 60HB.

Elongation: Aluminum 5052 elongation exceeds between 12-20%; so it can be used for bending and stamping.

Tensile strength: The tensile strength of the 5052 aluminum sheet is over 210-230 Mpa, 5052 is an alloy aluminum sheet, and 5052 corrosion resistance is better in similar environment.

4. What does a 4×8 sheet of Aluminum weight per sheet?

The density of alloy 5052 is only 2.68. This means the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other series in the same area.  The weight for size 3mm x 4’ x 8’ is 24KGS/PCS.

5. Why Aluminum Sheet 5052 is called marine-grade aluminum sheet?

5 Series Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy has the features of aluminum alloy with Mg as the main alloying element. The magnesium content is between 3-5%. Also known as Alu-Mg alloy. So it has very good resistance to marine atmospheric corrosion. It is wildly used for building boats or ships.

6. Do you produce Aluminum Sheets for boats?

Yes, aluminum plate 5052 h32 and h34 is called marine grade aluminum sheet. Many of our clients buy aluminum sheets for boats from us, the alloy 5052 H32 is their best choice. The quality is very good for bending, good fatigue, and welding.

7. 3003-H14 vs 5052-H32.

Both 5052 aluminum sheets and 3003 aluminum sheet are the most common alloy aluminum sheets on the market and are the two most representative grades of the two series aluminum sheets. Both grades can be bent. What is the difference between a 5052 aluminum plate and the 3003 aluminum plate?

Chemical composition. 3003 aluminum belongs to aluminum-manganese alloy, the main alloy element is manganese. 5052 aluminum belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy, the main alloy element is magnesium. In addition, the aluminum content of 3003 is slightly higher than 5052 aluminum plate.

Specifications. The 3003 aluminum in the market is a mainly a thin sheet, and the application of thick plate is basically less. While 5052 aluminum sheet not only used in thin sheet, the use of thick plate is also very large.

Price. Depending on the thickness and specifications, the price of 5052 aluminum sheet is about 300 USD higher than 3003 aluminum sheet under the same circumstances.

What is the difference between 3003 and 5052 aluminum?

Alloy NumberTensile StrengthYield Strength% of ElongHardnessFatigue Strength

8. Aluminum 1050 vs 5052

Chemical Composition: 1050 aluminum plate aluminum content of about 99.50%, which is the most representative of the 1000 series aluminum plate product introduction. While 5052 aluminum plate is not the same (aluminum content of about 95%, the magnesium content of about 4%). 1050 is pure aluminum (aluminum content of 99.5%) 5052 than 1050 hardness, elongation, tensile strength, etc. are higher, the price is usually higher than 1050 250 $ / ton.

Mechanical Properties: 5052 aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, good weldability, and excellent formability making 5052 aluminum sheet a common choice for chemical, marine, or saltwater applications. 5052 aluminum plate applications include tanks, barrels, ship hardware, hulls, etc. Specific properties: Hardness = 60HB, tensile strength = 33,000, yield strength = 28,000. we will not do too much to introduce the 1050 aluminum plate, after all, the 1050 aluminum plate already belongs to the more commonly used series of products.