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6061 Aluminum Sheet


  • Alloy: 6061 / 6063 / 6082 / 6005
  • Temper: O / T4 / T6 / T651 / T351 / T5
  • Produce to ASTM B209 or GB/T3880, EN485 standard;
  • Standard size: 4 x 8; 1219 x 2438mm, 1250 x 2500mm, 1500mm x 3000mm;
  • Surface: mill finish, unpolished, polished, black surface, bright surface,

6061 T6 aluminum sheet supplier in China

Being a trustworthy 6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer and supplier, Jinan Huachuang Aluminum company aims to make manufacturing easier for our business partners. Huachuang Aluminum offers 6061 T6 and T651 for sale that can be used for aircraft aluminum, industry molding, automatic mechanic component, die.


Huachuang Aluminum is a wholesaler of a wide range of 6061 T651 aluminum plates. We have our own aluminum sheet factory that can produce high-quality aluminum sheets. Our strong wooden pallet packaging can make sure that your products reach your customers without losing quality.


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What’s the name information of Aluminum Sheet 6061 T6?

6xxx series aluminum alloy combines the advantages of both 4 series and 5 series. It has high corrosion resistance, welding, anodizing quality. It is easy to be coated and performs well in heat tinting and machinability. It is of medium strength and widely used after heat treatment.

Alloy: 6061

Temper: O//T6/T651/H111

Produce to ASTM B209 or GB/T3880, EN485 standard

Standard size: 4 x 8; 1219 x 2438mm, 1250 x 2500mm, 1500mm x 3000mm

Surface: mill finish, unpolished, polished, black surface, bright surface

Ready stock: over 5,000 Tons aluminum sheet 6061 stock

6061-T6 Aluminum Plate Quality Data Sheet/Chemistry Composition:

AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrNiZn TiZrA1

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Plate Mechanical Properties Standard

TemperAnti –tensile strength N/m㎡Elongation rate(%)Dimension ControlSurfaceHardness
6061 T6290Mpa 10QualifiedBlack / BrightAbove 95HB
6061 T651290Mpa 10QualifiedBlack / Bright Above 95HB

5,000MT 6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet Stock List/Immediately shipment

Aluminum sheet6061 T61.5*1220*24404.0*1250*250035*1250*2500
6061 T6516.0*1220*244025*1250*2500100*1500*3000

How to Pack and ship the Aluminum Plate 6061-T6?

  1. Packing: Strong wooden pallet, with blue PVC films or paper-interleaved,
  2. Marks: we always print the marks: 6061 T6 Size: 20MM x 1250MM x 2500MM.
  3. Max Gross weight skid 4500 lbs; less than 2MT;
  4. Produced to 1/2 commercial tolerance to the light side; 
  5. For 1 x 20FCL can load 20 to 25 Tons max.
  6. Surface: Black surface aluminum plate 6061-t651 & Polished aluminum plate 6061 t651,

6061 Aluminum Sheet price per sheet/per kgs

The aluminum sheet price changes each day and it depends on the market. Here is our aluminum sheet price per KGS for you:

ALLOYThicknessFOB Price USD/KGSProduce timeMOQ1 x20FCL1 x40FCL
6061 T61mm to 6mm2.70USD/KGS20 Days3 Tons25 Tons28 Tons
8mm to 300mm2.45USD/KGS
6082 T61mm to 6mm2.70USD/KGS
8mm to 300mm2.45USD/KGS
6063 T61mm to 6mm2.70USD/KGS
8mm to 300mm2.45USD/KGS

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6061 T6 Aluminum Block

Our company has the sawing-machine and we can cut the aluminum to be small pieces according to customer’s requirement.  For examples: Size:  ≥50mm W/L and customized size:

Main application: What is 6061 T6 aluminum used for?

Aircraft aluminum, industry molding, automatic mechanic component, carrying vessels, semiconductor device components.

1. What’s the hardness of the 6061-T6 aluminum plate?

Many people think that aluminum is very soft. But after some treatment, the aluminum can be stronger than steel. For example, the hardness for 6061-t6 aluminum plate is 95HB, 2024 T4 aluminum plate is 120HB, 7075 T651 aluminum plate hardness is over 150HB. So far, alloy 7075 T6 is the hardest grade of aluminum.


2. What’s the surface of your aluminum alloy plate 6061?

Our aluminum alloy plate 6061 T6 is a mill finish. we have the black surface aluminum plate, also have polished aluminum plate which surface is very bright.

3. What does T6 stand for in aluminum?  T4 vs T6?

In aluminum, the T6 means temper, which means the state of artificial aging after solid solution heat treatment. Suitable for products that are no longer cold worked after solid solution heat treatment, (can be straightened and leveled without affecting the limits of mechanical properties). T4 means Natural aging after hardening. Lastly, aluminum sheet 6061 T6, the number 6061 is the alloy number,


4. What’s T6 vs T651? Is there any difference between T6 and T651?

-T651 means relief Internal stress; -T state and TXXX state (other than stress relieved state)

Add an Arabic number (called T65 status) or two numerals (called T651 status) after the TX status code to indicate the state of a particular process that has significantly changed the product characteristics (such as mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, etc.). 6061-T651, after relieving the internal stress, it will not deform when you cut or machining it. The price of aluminum plate 6061 T651 is about 650$ per ton higher than alloy 6061 T6.


5. How to cut a circle in aluminum sheet 6061 T6?

We can cut aluminum round disc with waterjet cutting, Aluminum alloy 6061 belongs to hard alloy, and for the T6 is over 95HB, it is always called an aluminum flange.

6. For aluminum thick aluminum plate 6061, what thickness does the aluminum sheet come in?

The max thickness we can produce is 400mm. The aluminum sheet is produced with this: Aluminum ingot —Melting–Direct Caster—aluminum Slab—Scalper—Hot Rolling Mill–Heat treatment Furnace—Final Inspection–Packing. 

7. Do you produce 6061 aluminum tread plate 5bar?

Yes, we can produce it. For 6061 aluminum tread plate has different patterns, like diamond plate, 5 bars plate. The max thickness we can produce is 12.5mm. Mainly used for shipbuilding, like a deck floor.


8. How good is 6061 aluminum?

6061 Aluminum alloy sheet combines the advantages of both 4xxx Series and 5xxx Series. It has high corrosion resistance, welding, anodizing. It is easy to be coated and performs well in heat tinting and machinability. It is of medium strength and widely used after heat treatment. The hardness is over 95HB.


9. 6061 vs 7075. Is 6061 or 7075 aluminum stronger?

The hardness of aluminum 6061-T6 is above 95HBW, but the hardness of 7075-T651 aluminum plate is over 150HBW. So 7075 aluminum alloy is about 60% stronger than aluminum 6061 T6.


The 6061 aluminum plate material can be used in various places, such as automobile parts and molds. While 7075 aluminum plates are usually used in aerospace. The tensile strength of the 6061 T6 aluminum sheet is 35KSI and yield strength is 31KSI; while the tensile strength of 7075-T6 is 83KSI and yield strength is 73KSI.

Comparison of 6061 and 7075 properties  

Alloy NumberTensile StrengthYield Strength% of ElongHardnessFatigue Strength

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