6061 Aluminum Tread Plate

China 6061 Aluminum Tread Plate Manufacturer

Alloy: 6061 

Temper: O / T4 / T6 / T651 / T351 / T5

Produce to ASTM B209 or GB/T3880, EN485 standard;

Standard size: 4 x 8; 1219 x 2438mm, 1250 x 2500mm, 1500mm x 3000mm;

Surface: mill finish, unpolished, polished, black surface, bright surface,

The main application: deck floor, Aircraft aluminum, industry molding, automatic mechanic component, carrying vessels, semi-conductor device components.

6061 Aluminum Tread Plate Manufacturer for More Than 15 Years

With 16 years of experience in the 6061 aluminum tread plate manufacturing industry, Jinan Huachuang Aluminum Industry is one of the most reliable 6061 aluminum tread plate suppliers in China. Our 6061 aluminum tread plate are available in different designs that will surely appeal to your customers. Since they are made from aluminum, they are perfect for flooring, caravans, anti-slip use, and so on.


Before placing an order, we encourage you to Request Free Samples so you can examine our products directly. This will also give you the chance to make improvements or adjustments to your current design.


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1. Whats the hardness of the 6061 T6 aluminum tread plate? Is 6061 or 7075 aluminum stronger?

Many people think that aluminum is very soft. But after some treatment, aluminum can be stronger than steel. For example, hardness for aluminum sheet 6061 T6 series is 95HB, 2xxx series aluminum plate is 120HB, 7xxx series aluminum plate hardness is over 160HB. So far, alloy 7075 T6 is the hardest grade of aluminum.


2. Do you produce 6061 aluminum tread plate 5 bar?

Yes, we can produce it. For 6061 aluminum tread plate has different patterns, like diamond plate, 5 bars plate. The max thickness we can produce is 12.5mm. Mainly used for shipping buildings, like a deck floor.

3. How to pack and ship the 6061 aluminum tread plate?

  1. Packing: Strong wooden pallet, with blue PVC films or paper-interleaved,
  2. Max Gross weight skid 4500 lbs; less than 2MT;
  3. Produce to 1/2 Commercial tolerance to the light side,
  4. For 1 x 20FCL can load 20 to 25 Tons max.
  5. Surface: Black surface aluminum plate 6061 t651 & Polished aluminum plate 6061 t651,


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