Aircraft Grade Aluminum Sheet

Aluminium Alloy Number:  7075

Temper: T6 / T651 /T351

Produce to ASTM B209 or GB/T3880-2012, EN485 standard;

Standard size: 4 x 8; 1219 x 2438mm, 1500mm x 3000mm; 1524mm x 3048mm

Surface: mill finish surface, bright, polished surface,

Mainly market:  Europe, India, Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, USA and so on.

Over 3,000Tons ready stock with standard size 1524 x 3048mm & 1500 x 3000mm.

If you are in search of aircraft grade aluminum sheet, Jinan Huachuang Aluminum Company, your reliable aluminum sheet manufacturer, can provide you an extensive range of selections that will appeal to your personal or business needs. We offer different temper aircraft grade aluminum plates, such as T6 aluminum plate, T651 aluminum plate, 300mm thick aluminum plate. 


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Aircraft grade aluminum sheet is an aluminum alloy with zinc as the main alloy element.

Under proper heat treatment conditions, it can obtain high strength, good welding performance, generally good corrosion, has a certain tendency to stress corrosion, is a high-strength weldable aluminum alloy, generally known as ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy. However, the plasticity and high-temperature strength is low and can be used as the stomach and intestines, 120 degrees below the use of bearing structure, the alloy is easy to process, has good corrosion resistance, and good high toughness. The alloy is widely used in the aviation and aerospace field and has become one of the most important structural materials in this field.


What is considered Aircraft Grade Aluminum?

7075 aluminum alloy mainly used for Aircraft aluminum, industry molding, automatic mechanic component, carrying vessels, and semi-conductor device components. Aircraft-grade aluminum sheet mainly alloy is 7075, Temper: T6, T651, the hardness over 160HB;


Aircraft Grade Aluminum sheet price per kgs

The aircraft grade aluminum sheet price changes every day and it depends on the market. Here is our aluminum sheet price per KGS for you:

ALLOYThicknessFOB Price USD/KGSProduce timeMOQ1 x20FCL1 x40FCL
7075 T61mm to 6mm4.45USD/KGS30 DaysReady stock25 Tons28 Tons
8mm to 300mm3.75USD/KGS
7075 T6511mm to 6mm4.75USD/KGS
8mm to 300mm3.75USD/KGS

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Aircraft Grade Aluminum sheet ready stock: Over 1,500 Tons ready stock in our warehouse.


1. Whats the hardness of the 7000 series aluminum plate? Can you make it above 150HB?

Hardness: 6xxx series is 95HB, 2xxx series aluminum plate is 120HB, 7xxx series aluminum plate hardness is over 160HB.


2. Whats your aluminum alloy plate 7075 T6 surface?

Our aluminum alloy plate 7075 t6 is a mill finish, we have the black surface aluminum plate, also have polished aluminum plate which surface is very bright.


3. For aluminum thick aluminum plate 7075 T651, whats the max thickness you can produce?

The max thickness we can produce is 350mm, now we have been exported to Iran, India, the USA over 300 Tons. The quality is very good.


4. Whats the difference between 2024 and 7075 aluminum? What type of aluminum is used in aircraft?

Aluminum alloy 2024 and 7075 aluminum are hard aluminum.

Chemistry composition different: 7075 aluminum is Al-Mg-Zn-Cu alloy aluminum plate is Al-Cu aluminum, it contains Cu over 3.8 – 4.9%.

Mechanical Properties, mainly different is 2024 T4 aluminum plate is 120HB, 7075 T651 aluminum plate hardness is over 160HB.

Both the 2024 and 7075 aluminum can produce aluminum profiles, like aluminum pipe or aluminum bar, also can be heat-treatment.