Aluminum Circle 1060

Aluminum Circle alloy number 1060

Temper: O, H12, H14,  Purity: 99.6% pure aluminum

Surface treatment: Mill finish, bare surface,,

Thickness: 0.2mm- 8mm; Diameter: 30mm-1360mm

Strong mechanical properties 

deep drawing ,Good plasticity, conductivity ,no four ears

High strength-to-weight ratio ; Durability and resistance to corrosion

Surface quality mill finish: no oil stain, no scratches, rolling marks or orange peel problem.

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With 16 years of experience in manufacturing aluminum circles 1060, Jinan Huachuang Aluminum is a leading supplier of aluminum circles 1060. Our aluminum circles 1060 are made from high-quality aluminum ingot and are free from BPA, lead, and other harmful toxins. They are completely safe and can be used for storing all kinds of content such as food, drinks, chocolate, and more. Aluminum circles 1060 from Huachuang Aluminum company are suitable for various industries.

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1. Aluminum Circle 1060 Introduction

1060 aluminum circles are produced from 1060 aluminum sheets or 1060 aluminum coils. It is widely used in kitchenware, lamps, highway signs, storage. 1060 aluminum circle belongs to 1000 series aluminum, which is the most widely used grade at present, with 99.6% aluminum content.

Available in a variety of diameters and thicknesses, we export over 1,000 Tons to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ghana, Kenya. Aluminum circle 1060 and aluminum disk 1060 are our best-sellers, mainly used for producing utensils, like pot, pan, mill pot, and so on.

Our aluminum circles are produced by 99.6% pure aluminum ingot. It doesn’t have any orange peel problems when you spinning or deep drawing. Our quality is good for deep drawing, spinning. So it is wildly used for producing cookware.

2. 1060 Aluminum Circle/Disc Specifications

Alloy: 1060

Alloy Designations: AA1060, A1060, 1060A, Al99.6

Anneal State: O, H12, H14, H16, H18,

Hardness: 20HB to 35HB

Standard: GB/T 3880-2012, ASTM B209

Thickness range: 0.30mm— 8.00mm

Diameter range: 20mm— 1600mm

Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.02mm

Diameter Tolerance: +/- 1mm

Surface: Mill finish, anodizing, color coated, non-stick

1060 Aluminum Circle Chemistry Composition / 1060 date sheet:

AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrNi2n TiZrAL

1060 Aluminum Circle Mechanical Properties / Properties of alloy 1060:

TemperAnti –tensile strength N/m㎡Elongation rate(%)Dimension ControlSurfacePacking
O (soft)78Mpa (8Ksi -12Ksi)35 (above 2.5 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H12 (H22)95Mpa (11Ksi - 16Ksi)18 (above 9 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H14(H24) Half - hard123Map (12Ksi - 17Ksi)7(above 9 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H18 (Full Hard)140 (above 16Ksi)4 (above 10Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified

Aluminum Circle 1060 Characteristics

Density: 2.71  

Melting Point 640 degree,

Modulus of Elasticity 73Gpa,

Thermal Conductivity 121 – 193 W/M.k,  

Thermal Expansion 21.1 x 10-6/K)

Conductivity Requirement: 61%

HS CODE: 7606.9100

3. Aluminum Circles 1060 application and usage:

Deep drawing cookware, spinning cookware,  kitchen utensils,pizza pan, pressure cooker, bakeware, road sign, Building Material, Insulation, traffic sign, etc. aluminum Non-stick cookware、for cookware bottom、for non-stick cookware、for non-stick pan、for non-stick pan、for kitchenware, etc.

4. Aluminium Circles 1060 price per kgs and whats your MOQ?

The aluminum circle price changes every day and it depends on the market. FYI, today our aluminum circle’s price is 2.30USD per kg.  Our MOQ is 500KGS per size.

ALLOYCC MaterialDC MaterialProduce timeMOQ1 x20FCL1 x40FCL
1060FOB 2.30USD/KGSFOB 2.48USD/KGS25 Days500KGS27 TONS28TONS

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5. How are Aluminum Circle 1060 produced?

Aluminum circles 1060 are usually cut directly from aluminum coils 1060 or aluminum sheets 1060. We usually divide the processing steps of aluminum rounds into two aspects: 1. Rough material cutting (cut into a square). 2. Drop material. According to the degree of automation of production equipment, it can be divided into shearing machines and automatic round sheet punching production line processing. Automatic round sheet drop production line processing: aluminum round piece uncoiling drop production line, is a fully automatic integrated aluminum round piece production equipment, can be directly on the aluminum coil for round piece stamping drop, without shearing, slitting, and other processes. The product is widely used in aluminum processing manufacturing cookware with the stretch aluminum round piece. For the diameter below 800mm, an aluminum disc is generally produced using a fully automatic disc drop machine. For diameter over 800mm aluminum disc blanks, 1060 is widely used in highway signs. It is always produced with the shearing machine.

6. Does aluminum circle 1060 suitable for deep drawing and spinning applications?

CC Material Aluminum Circle 1060 for spinning 

CC aluminum disk means Continuous Cast. The Manufacturing Process is Aluminum ingot – Melting – Continuous Casting – Coil – circles – Packing.  If you do spinning, you can use CC material.

DC Material Aluminum Circle 1060 for deep drawing

DC aluminum Circles means Direct casting. The Manufacturing Process is Aluminum ingot – melting – Square Billets – Direct casting- coil – circles. If you do pressing(DDQ) deeper than 150mm, please use DC material.

7. What is a high-quality aluminum circle 1060? How to do the quality inspection of the aluminum circle?

In order to ensure the aluminum circles 1060 have good quality, manufacturers usually set up special quality inspection posts in the process of producing aluminum circle blank. The QC manager will use professional tools to carefully test the quality of the 1060 aluminum circles. Good aluminum circles are generally tested by the following aspects.

  1. Bright Surface. The first is to look at the surface of the aluminum disk 1060. Good quality aluminum disk blanks 1060 have no deformation, scratches, cracks, yellow spots, and other phenomena. In fact, the second is to carefully check whether the surface color of alloy aluminum circles has different shades of color. If there is a color difference that means the quality is not up to par.
  2. Chemical Composition: through a professional spectral analyzer, you can detect the chemical composition of aluminum discs 1060. Then compared it with the standard GB/T3880-2012 or standard ASTM B209. We must make sure that each chemical element is within the scope of the standard requirements.
  3. Mechanical properties. The tensile strength and mechanical properties of the 1060 aluminum round disc are tested by a tensile testing machine to ensure that the tensile strength and elongation of aluminum rounds meet the standard. If the mechanical properties are not up to standard, it is easy to have a broken problem during the stamping and spinning process. It will waste a lot of time and material costs in the production department. Aluminum Circle 1060-O tensile strength is generally in 60Mpa to 100Mpa; elongation is about 35%. The aluminum Circle 1060 H12 tensile strength is generally around 100Mpa and elongation is around 10%.
  4. Granularity Testing. Different manufacturers have different requirements for grain size. According to international standards, most factories control the grain size above the second level, while some large factories require the grain size to be the first level. This can ensure the customer in the production of kitchenware process, the finished rate of aluminum wafers to 98% or even 100% qualified.

8. Whats the difference between aluminum circle 1060 & aluminum circle 1050 & aluminum circle 3003?

Aluminum Circle 1060 vs Aluminum Circle 3003

The hardness of the 3003 aluminum circle is higher than the 1060 aluminum circle, the hardness of the 3003 aluminum circle is 30-35HB, but the 1060 aluminum circle contains more than 99.60% aluminum, so the 1060 aluminum circle is softer than the 3003 aluminum circle, the difference is about 10%. 3003 aluminum circle is suitable for advanced cookware, like high-pressure cookware, non-stick pan. 1060 aluminum circle is more often used in ordinary aluminum cookware, like pot, pan, kettle, pan, tray, and so on. 


Aluminum Circle 1060 vs Aluminum Circle 1050

Both the two grades are 1000 series aluminum circles, but the aluminum content is different. 1050 aluminum circle has 99.5% aluminum content, while 1060 aluminum circle has 99.6% aluminum content. Relatively speaking, the higher the aluminum content, the softer the material, but the difference between the two is not much, both can not be heat-treated to strengthen. 1060 is suitable for making products such as stretching.


The aluminum content of 1050 aluminum discs is more than 99.50%, and the aluminum content of 1060 aluminum discs is more than 99.60%. At the same time, the 1050 aluminum disc does not contain copper, the 1060 aluminum disc contains 0.05 copper, but the 1050 aluminum plate does not contain.