Aluminum Circle 3003

What’s the information of aluminum circle 3003?

Alloy Number: 3003,

Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, soft 

Thickness: 0.2mm- 8mm, (main thickness: 3.0mm, 4.0mm)

Diameter: 30mm-1360mm

Delivery time: 30 Days

Surface: mill finish, non-stick pan,

Application: cookware, pot, non-stick pan, road sign, lighting, DC quality circles for anodizing.

Aluminum Circle 3003 manufacturer for 16 Years

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Whats aluminum circle 3003? Aluminum Circle 3003 Introduction

According to statistics, about half of the world’s cookware is made from the aluminum circle. The cookware produced by aluminum circle 3003 can significantly increase the physical and chemical properties of cookware. It allows it to have better electrical and thermal conductivity as well as heat resistance. Thus improving the guarantee for delicious cooking.

3003 Aluminum Circle/Disc Specifications/Date sheet/Features

3003 aluminum circle alloy with Mn as the main alloying element, which cannot be reinforced by heat treatment. It has good plasticity, good welding performance. But corrosion resistance is slightly stronger than aluminum circle 1050. It belongs to a medium-strength aluminum alloy circle.

Aluminum Circles 3003 Chemistry Composition

Standard Value0.60.70.05~0.201.0~ 1.5----------0.1remainder
Actual Value0.

Aluminum Circles 3003 Mechanical Properties & Features

Anti –tensile strength N/m㎡Stretch rate(%)Dimension Controlsurface
Standard Value >195Standard Value ≥1QualifiedQualified
Actual Value 210Actual Value 2QualifiedQualified

Aluminum Circle 3003 Characteristics/material properties

  1. Excellent formability.
  2. High elongation, available for thousand deep punching process and spinning.
  3. High grain size, smooth surface. High reflectivity.
  4. Quality is good for hard anodizing or color coated.


Aluminium Circle 3003 price per kg and MOQ:

Due to the 3000 Series aluminum discs have high requirements of raw materials and technical processes, there are not many manufacturers producing 3000 Series aluminum circles. This is an important reason for the price increase of this product. 3003 aluminum discs have environmental qualities in addition to their durability is significantly better than similar products. Durability also leads to a longer service life of aluminum discs, so it has Among the industrial hot products.


The aluminum circle’s price changes every day and it depends on the market. FYI, today our aluminum circle’s price is 2.30USD per kg. Contact our sales engineer, Get the Latest Price now!


Aluminum Circles 3003 packing and loading:

  1. Seaworthy packages to be protected from humidity, Avoid All Moisture Contamination
  2. Protection: PVC films or paper-interleaved
  3. Wooden pallet Height is over 90mm; easy to unload with a forklift
  4. For 1 x 20FCL can load 27 to 28 Tons

What is DC quality aluminum circle 3003 O?

Many people always ask the question: What’s DC quality aluminum circle 3003? Before talking about this, we need to know that the aluminum circle is divided into CC material and DC material. CC quality aluminum disc 3003 is produced by a cold rolling machine from the aluminum coil (8mm thickness), while hot-rolled 3003 is made by heating aluminum slab (400-500mm thickness) and rolling it at high temperature by a hot rolling mill. Therefore, hot-rolled aluminum disc 3003 is light and corrosion-resistant and is often used to make non-stick pans, pressure cookers, aluminum sheets for kitchenware, cookware, etc. The surface of the discs is treated with a high degree of heat. The surface of the special treatment of the oxide film thickness is suitable, stable performance, and can be safely recycled. Here are the different production processes of the hot-rolled aluminum circle blank 3003 and cold rolled aluminum circle blank 3003:

1. CC material aluminum circles 3003 O:

CC aluminum circles 3003 means Continuous Cast. The Manufacturing Process of continuous cast aluminum circles are Aluminum ingot – Melting – Continuous Casting – Coil – circles – Packing.

2. DC material aluminum circles 3003 O: (DDQ material)

DC aluminum Circles means Direct casting. The Manufacturing Process is Aluminum ingot – melting – Square Billets – Direct casting- coil – circles.

Why aluminum circle 3003 get more and more popular in many countries?

1. Good formability. No matter the manufacturer or a trading company, they need to consider whether the material is easy to form when they select or manufacture the products. Easy to form the material in the processing will have great flexibility space. The production of products often has better compatibility. This is the case with 3-Series aluminum discs blank, which have good formability and simple forming to compress the tedious work of material optimization.

2. High toughness. Generally speaking, metal materials have a certain degree of hardness at the same time its toughness is not too high. But 3003 aluminum discs blank can guarantee both hardness and toughness. Many aluminum experts said that the current 3003 aluminum disc blank alternatives have not been identified.

3. Strong electroplating. As 3003 aluminum rounds need to be processed to meet its application needs of different industries. The aluminum rounds are relatively strong electroplating, even using ordinary electroplating equipment can also be specialized electroplating operations, its interface is excellent and polishing is also more simple, only a simple treatment can be easily on the color film.


Whats the difference between aluminum circle 3003 and aluminum circle 1050?

The hardness of the 3003 aluminum circle is higher than the 1050 aluminum circle. The hardness of the 3003 aluminum circle is 30-35HB. But the 1050 Aluminum Circle contains more than 99.50% aluminum, so the 1050 aluminum circle is softer than the 3003 aluminum circle, the difference is about 10%. 3003 aluminum discs are suitable for building advanced cookware, like non-stick pans, pressure cookers, cooking utensils. 1050 aluminum discs suitable for ordinary cookware, like pot, lid, cover, pizza pan, kettle, and so on.

Aluminum circle 3003 vs Aluminum Circle 1050

Alloy NumberTensile StrengthYield Strength% of ElongHardnessSurface
3003-O110423528HBmill finish
1050-O76392820HBmill finish

What are non-stick aluminum discs 3003-o?

Non-stick pan coating production line. Its main process flow: sandblasting pretreatment → blowing dust → spraying primer → curing → spraying topcoat → sintering → cooling → under pieces. Temperature – system: high-temperature sintering furnace has three temperature sections: heating zone, holding zone, and cooling zone, in which the temperature of the holding zone is 380-420℃ kept for 12 minutes.