Aluminum Disk 1100

Aluminum Disk 1100

Temper: O, H12, H14, 

Surface treatment: Mill finish, bare surface,,

Thickness: 0.2mm- 8mm

Diameter: 30mm-1360mm

Purity: 99% pure aluminum

Main market:  Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia

Main application: Used for producing utensil, like pot, pan, mill pot and so on.

Aluminum Disk 1100 Manufacturer for Over 16 Years

Jinan Huachuang Aluminum was founded in 2006 and has over 16 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality aluminum disk 1100 and aluminum disk 1200. They are corrosion-resistant and 100% safe as they are free from lead, BPA, and other toxins. 


Aluminum disk 1100 for sale at Huachuang Aluminum are available in different thicknesses and diameters. The thicknesses are 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.6mm, up to 3.0mm. Since our aluminum disks are 99% pure aluminum, they are the perfect storage for preserving food, such as fruits, vegetables, salads, cookies, casseroles, and more.


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1100 Aluminum Circle/Disk Specifications/Date sheet

1100 aluminum circle has high thermal conductivity, and when it is used as the production material of cookware, the cookware will be able to quickly transfer the heat from the fire source to the food, providing good conditions for cooking. As a stable metal material, the aluminum disc 1100 itself will not rust. When other metals are added in the process of production, they will have high corrosion resistance and can resist the corrosion of a variety of substances. It makes the cookware meet the corresponding requirements.

Aluminum Circle 1100 Specification: 

Alloy Designations:AA1100, A1100, 1100A, Al99.00
Anneal State:O, H12, H14, H18,
Hardness:20HB to 35HB
Standard:GB/T 3880-2012, ASTM B209
Thickness:0.2mm--- 6.0mm
Diameter:20mm--- 1500mm
Thickness Tolerance:+/- 0.02mm
Diameter Tolerance:+/- 1mm

Available in aluminum circle 1100, aluminum discs 1100, aluminum wafer 1100, aluminum round disc 1100, aluminum circle 1100 o, aluminum circle 1100 H12, aluminum circle 1100 H14, aluminum circle 1100 H14;

Aluminum Disk 1100 Chemistry Composition:

AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrNi2n TiZrA1

Aluminum Disk 1100 Mechanical Properties & Features:

TemperAnti –tensile strength N/m㎡Elongation rate(%)Dimension ControlSurfacePacking
O (soft)78Mpa (8Ksi -12Ksi)35 (above 2.5 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H12 (H22)95Mpa (11Ksi - 16Ksi)18 (above 9 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H14(H24) Half - hard123Map (12Ksi - 17Ksi)7(above 9 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H18 (Full Hard)140 (above 16Ksi)4 (above 10Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified

Aluminum Circle 1100 Characteristics

1. The aluminum content is more than 99%, and has excellent molding properties;

2. High reflectivity.

3. Stable performance, surface anodization is possible. 

4. Good thermal conductivity

5. Lightweight, easy to handle

Aluminum disk blanks 1100 application

1. General cookware, post-process: grinding, sandblasting, etc.; pot lids; aluminum pots.

2. Lighting accessories: lampshades, light, laminate light and street light,

3. Signage and construction materials: traffic road signs, curtain walls, ceilings.

4. Baking dishes, coffee pots, steamers, pans, sieve pots, bowls, wine containers, teapots, vases, frying pans.

Aluminium Disk blanks 1100 price per kg and whats your MOQ?

The aluminum disk price changes every day and it depends on the market. FYI, today our aluminum circle’s price is 2.30USD per kg. Our MOQ is 500KGS per size.

ALLOYCC MaterialDC MaterialProduce timeMOQ1 x20FCL1 x40FCL
1100FOB 2.30USD/KGSFOB 2.48USD/KGS25 Days500KGS27 TONS28 TONS

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What is a high-quality aluminum circle 1100? How to do the quality inspection of aluminum circle 1100?

  • Have you ever met this kind of quality issue from your previous supplier?

As we all know that aluminum Circles blank 1100 are widely used as stretching materials for lighting, kitchenware, electronics, electrical appliances, military and mechanical parts. The production process of kitchenware can be generally divided into two types: the Spinning Production Process and the Deep Drawing Production Process. It is very easy to have orange peel problems; Break problem, Surface oxidation, four ears, weight shortage.

  • How to avoid the aluminum circle 1100 quality problem?
  1. Chemistry Composition. We must guarantee the aluminum disc blank 1100 are made by virgin aluminum ingot and the aluminum purity is over 99%, not made by aluminum scrap or recycle aluminum circle blanks.
  2. Mechanical Properties. For aluminum discs 1100-O, we need to make sure the tension strength around 80Mpa, and elongation over 30%.
  3. The grain size. We need to guarantee the aluminum mother coil grain size to be A grade, the size is less than 0.026mm. It will be easy to have a broken problem when the size is bigger than this size.

Please check here to know How to produce cookware with aluminum circle/ disk 1100?

Whats the difference between aluminum disk 1100 & aluminum disk 1050?

Aluminum Circle 1100 vs Aluminum Circle 1050

Both the two grades are 1000 series aluminum circles, but the aluminum content is different. 1050 Aluminum Circle has 99.5% aluminum content, while 1100 aluminum circle has 99% aluminum content. Relatively speaking, the higher the aluminum content, the softer the material, but the difference between the two is not much, both can not be heat-treated to strengthen. 1050 is suitable for making products such as stretching.

Alloy NumberTensile StrengthYield Strength% of ElongHardnessPurity
1100 O90-28-99.00%
1050 O80-35-99.50%

How to find a good aluminum circle 1100 supplier in China?

1. Production equipment. The quality of aluminum discs 1100 has a very important relationship with the equipment and technology used in production. Advanced production equipment and technology have high stability, to effectively ensure that the same batch of aluminum discs have the same quality. When you choose the aluminum disc supplier in China, you may need to know from the manufacturer what kind of equipment and process they have.

2. Factory Reputation. Manufacturers with good reputations generally have a certain number of years of operation and a better reputation in the market. Reputable aluminum disc manufacturers can guarantee good quality and punctual delivery of products are much more assured that there will be no delays or high rate of bad production problems occur.

3. Export business experience. Different countries have different requirements for the quality of aluminum discs. If the factory has been exported to your country for years, he will have a good understanding of your country’s import process, product standards & quality requirements, packaging requirements, tariffs, etc.