Aluminum Tread Plate 4×8

China 4×8 Aluminum Tread Plate manufacturer

Alloy number: 1050, 3003,5052,5754, 6061

Temper: O, H12, H14, H24, H16, H26, H18,

Thickness: 0.8mm- 12mm

Width: 20mm to 2000mm

Max length: 11.5 Meter or be coiled,

Packaging: Standard seaworthy export packing, Fumigation wooden pallet,

Surface treatment: blue PVC films or paper-interleaved;

Aluminum Tread Plate 4 x 8 Suppliers in China

Our expertise in aluminum manufacturing earned us the place of being one of China’s most dependable aluminum tread plate 4 x 8 manufacturers. We have our own aluminum factory that can produce a wide variety of aluminum for different industries including the aluminum tread plate 4 x 8. This allowed us to accept wholesale orders from our customers who want to reduce their expenses.


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4×8 = 4feet x 8feet

We are a professional aluminum tread plate supplier in China. 4×8 aluminum diamond plate is our standard size. 4×8 means 4feet x 8feet; 1feet = 304.8mm. This means that 4×8 is equal to 1219.8mm x 2048.4mm. Also many customers in Middle-East or USA, Canada, Germany. They write it as 1220mm x 2440mm.

The same as steel tread plate, Aluminum Tread Plate are with one side smooth and another side have the special pattern, like 5bars or 1bars. This is mainly used for anti-skid, like flooring, stairs, and so on. The mirror finishes aluminum tread plate 3003 H22 is more popular in Canada, the USA used for inside decoration.


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4×8 Aluminum Tread Plate price weight per sheet/per piece

As we all know that many customers buy an aluminum diamond plate with unit price per piece. But the weight of the tread plate is different from the aluminum plain sheet.  For example, like 6mmx4x8 aluminum diamond plate weight per sheet is about 53.5KGS per piece. The price is about 120USD/Sheet.

Aluminum tread plate thicknessSizeAluminum tread plate weight
0.25 aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheet4x8 feet55.7KGS/PC
Diamond aluminum 063 aluminum diamond plate4x8 feet14.0KGS/PC
.045 aluminum diamond plate4x8 feet10.0KGS/PC
0.25 aluminum diamond plate 4 x 8 sheet4x8 feet55.7KGS/PC
125 aluminum diamond plate sheets4x8 feet27.8KGS/PC

Besides the 4×8 Aluminum diamond Plate, whats your other size standard size?

4×10 aluminum tread plate;

5×10 aluminum diamond plate;

6×10 aluminum tread plate;

48×96 aluminum tread plate;

36×36 aluminum diamond plate;

1250×2500 aluminum checker plate;

1500 x 3000mm aluminum checkered plate;

Aluminum Tread Plate 4×8

According to the different alloys of aluminum tread plates 4×8, they can be divided into:

  1. Aluminum-Manganese alloy aluminum tread plate: Aluminum tread plate 3003. processed from aluminum alloy 3003 as the main raw material. This kind of aluminum diamond plate is also called a rust-proof aluminum tread plate, with slightly higher strength than the ordinary aluminum diamond plate. It has good rust-proof performance, but hardness and corrosion resistance can not reach 5000 series aluminum tread plate. So aluminum tread plate 4×8 alloy 3003 is used in the field which has not strict requirements of rust-proof aspects, such as truck models, cold storage floors.


  1. Aluminum-Magnesium alloy aluminum tread plate: aluminum tread plate 5052 or aluminum tread plate 5083, aluminum tread plate 5754and other 5000 series of aluminum tread plate. It has good corrosion, hardness, rust resistance. Usually used in special places, such as ships, carriage light humid environment. 5000 series aluminum tread plate has high hardness and a certain load-bearing capacity.


  1. Pure aluminum tread plate: 1050 aluminum tread plate,1060 aluminum tread plate, and 1100 aluminum tread plate can adapt to the usual environment, the price is low. Usually Refrigerators, flooring, outer packaging more use such patterned aluminum plate.