Round Aluminum Plate

What’s the information of round aluminum plate ?

Alloy Number: 1050,1060,1100,1200,3003,

Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, soft 

Surface treatment: Mill finish, non-stick surface,

Thickness: 0.2mm- 8mm

Diameter: 30mm-1360mm

Packaging: Wooden pallets and wooden box, wooden case

Delivery time: 20 Days

Payment: T/T, L/C at sight

MOQ: 500KGS per size

With more than 16 years of experience, Jinan Huachuang Aluminum is one of the most reliable round aluminum plate suppliers in China. Our round aluminum plates are made from high-quality aluminum ingot, making them safe for use in cookware, lighting, road sign. They come in unique designs and irregular shapes to provide aesthetic value no matter where they are used.


Are you looking for round aluminum plate manufacturers in China? Contact Jinan Huachuang Aluminum today and boost your brand with our round aluminum plate! If you need more information on our round aluminum plate or other aluminum circles, please visit our FAQs page or send us a message directly.


Aluminum round disc/round aluminum plate/aluminum wafer

Our aluminum round discs are produced with 99.7% pure aluminum ingot, so our aluminum circle without orange peel problems when you spinning or deep drawing. Our quality is good for deep drawing, spinning. So it is wildly used for cookware. aren’t made of aluminum scrap.

Aluminum Circle 1050

Aluminum Disc 1100


Properties of round aluminum plate: Standard: ASTM-B209 ; GB/T3880-2012, EN485 

Chemistry Composition:


Mechanical Properties:

TemperAnti –tensile strength N/m㎡Elongation rate(%)Dimension ControlSurfacePacking
O (soft)78Mpa (8Ksi -12Ksi)35 (above 2.5 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H12 (H22)95Mpa (11Ksi - 16Ksi)18 (above 9 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H14(H24) Half - hard123Map (12Ksi - 17Ksi)7(above 9 Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified
H18 (Full Hard)140 (above 16Ksi)4 (above 10Ksi)QualifiedQualifiedQualified

Aluminum round disc Application and usage:

Deep drawing cookware, spinning cookware,  kitchen utensils,pizza pan, pressure cooker, bakeware, road sign, Building Material, Insulation, traffic sign, etc. aluminum non-stick cookware、for cookware bottom、for non-stick cookware、for non-stick pan、for non-stick pan、for kitchenware, etc.

Round Aluminum Plate price per kgs:

The aluminum circle price changes per day and it depends on the market. FYI, today our aluminum circle price is 2.30USD per kg.  Our MOQ is 500KGS per size.

ALLOYCC MaterialDC MaterialProduce timeMOQ1 x20FCL1 x40FCL
1050FOB 2.30USD/KGSFOB 2.48USD/KGS25 Days500KGS each size27 Tons28 Tons

Round Aluminum Plate Packing and Loading:

Standard seaworthy export packing – the height of the pallet is 90mm, suitable for unloading with a forklift.  For 1 x 20FCL can load 27 Tons.


1. Do you produce large aluminum round discs? What’s the max diameter disc you can produce?

A: Yes, we can produce large aluminum discs. We have 2 circular cutting machines and 5 dies pressing machines, the max diameter we can produce is 1500mm.

2. Q: What’s the difference between CC aluminum round discs and DC aluminum round discs?

A: CC aluminum circles mean Continuous Cast. The Manufacturing Process is Aluminum ingot – Melting – Continuous Casting – Coil – discs – Packing.

DC aluminum Circles means Direct casting. The Manufacturing Process is Aluminum ingot – melting – Square Billets – Direct casting- coil – discs.

As we all know, many customers use our aluminum circles for cookware and utensil. There are 2 ways to make cookware-Pressing and Spinning. If you do spinning, use CC material, if you do pressing(DDQ) deeper than 150mm, please use DC material.

3. How to calculate the aluminum round disc weight per piece?

There is a formula to calculate the weight per piece as below:

2.13*Thickness( mm)* diameter(m)*diameter(m) = 1 PCS weight

We will take 1.2*710 mm as example:  2.13*1.2*0.71*0.71 = 1.2885kgs( 1.2884796)


4. What kind of Temper should be used?

Temper means hardness, temper O is fully annealed aluminum round discs, the softest temper, H12/H22 is 1/4 hard, H14/H24 is half hard, H18 is full hard.

Temper O usually make bodies, H14 usually make lids/covers

Some customers use O to make lids with very thick aluminum circles, as they worry that if use thin one, strength will be not enough, so every time, I suggest them to use H14, or other harder temper than O. And then you can use thinner thickness than before. This will save a lot of cost for them.